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ABMA - Clearing Forwarding & Shipping Management

As the world in which we live becomes smaller, businesses and individuals require a greater level of service distribution in a faster time frame. Distributing freight efficiently is essential in getting ahead in business and a course such as Clearing Forwarding and Shipping Management is indispensable in training those individuals wishing to enter a career in cargo or freight.

Clearing Forwarding and Shipping Management is not simply about cargo and freight. Many ABMA students have gone on to successful applied careers following their studies in Shipping Insurance and law, acting as consultants for distinguished Maritime organisations and benefiting from their in depth knowledge and experience.

Shipping and Customs Clearing is a vital profession. Knowledge in Clearing Forwarding and Shipping Management can reduce investment costs due to better implementation of the business plan and logistical management. ABMA is a body that provides such a service. Many of our students are experiencing great success and have gone on to flourish and thrive in their new career as they put the knowledge and skills learned from their ABMA-CFSM qualification into practice.

Study Levels and Subjects

1. Introduction to Shipping
2. Customs Operations
3. Clearing and Forwarding Practice
4. Cargo and Storage Warehousing
5. Health and Safety

1. Shipping Practice
2. Economics of Sea Transport
3. Handling Cargo and Freight
4. Marine Insurance and Law
5. Logistics

Advanced Diploma
1. Advanced Shipping Law
2. Advanced Marine Insurance
3. Shipping Operations
4. Ship Management
5. Dissertation

Course Coordinator: Mr. A. Lungu

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Adv. Diploma
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